HTA’SHAPE – Localized loss of volume

Non-invasive laser system for lipolysis based on controlled energy ideal for reshaping the silhouette.

The specific wavelength of 1060 nm used by HTA’SHAPE is strongly absorbed by adipose tissue. Its deep thermal diffusion will make it possible to remove resistant fat cells in a sustainable manner without impacting the surrounding tissues.

HTA’SHAPE will heat to a temperature of 42-47 ° C stably and prolonged for 20 min.

Targeted fat cells degrade and enter apoptosis, and they will be progressively eliminated naturally by the lymphatic system of the body. The first results are visible as early as 6 weeks after treatment and optimum after 12 weeks.

HTA’SHAPE allows to remodel and treat multiple anatomical areas (4 handpieces) : the belly, the arms, the love handles, the hips, the back, the thighs…

  • Fast care of 25 min by area,
  • Mastered cooling of the surface of the skin,
  • Simple and effective fastening system,
  • Flat applicators, without trauma of vacuum.