• Lymphatic drainage: cellulite and water retention
• Elimination of released fat
• Hands-free

Lymphatic drainage device

This pressotherapy device for the body uses pressure for lymphatic drainage and is essential for any slimming treatment. In fact, HTA’DRAIN uses a mechanical and pneumatic drainage technique which works using compression and decompression of the accessories (boots, belt).

The compartments of the accessories fill with air at a varying pace and apply gentle pressure over the area being treated. The session consists of light pressure that pushes the lymph fluid in the direction of venous return. Thanks to the light pressing motion, the blood and lymph circulation is stimulated and the toxins are eliminated more easily, limiting water retention and reducing, session by session, the « orange peel » effect.

Results on cellulite

Perfect to eliminate toxins, waste and water retention that have accumulated in the tissues, it helps to boost the disappearance of cellulite, improve weight loss and to relieve the sensation of heavy legs. HTA’DRAIN is complementary to the cavitation and cryo beauty devices to facilitate the elimination of fats released by the body.