HTA’BODY PLUS – Massage-roll 

• Compact machine
• Specific treatment head
• For cellulite treatment
• LCD touch screen

Latest generation of « massage – roll » machines

This machine uses suction of varying intensity depending on the body area being treated. This suction thus creates a fold which then leads to increased blood flow in the area. The treatment head then rolls over the fold. This to and fro movement leads to better cell oxygenation, the evacuation of toxins and a softening of the connective tissue. The skin turns slightly pink through the suction; this is a sign that blood circulation is heightened.

In certain parts of the body, cellulite leads to an « orange peel » effect on the skin, this is due to fatty deposits. The HTA’BODY PLUS machine will help to remove these fatty deposits and in the long term the skin will become firmer.

This « massage – roll » technique can be used on the following treatment areas: stomach, thighs, legs and arms.

Compact, ergonomic and efficient machine