HTA’SHAPE BODY – Remodeling Manual

• Unique combination of 4 technics
• 3 specific handpieces for body and face
• Cellulite action
• Remodeling of the silhouete

HTA’SHAPE BODY is a device for non-invasive body reshaping, with treatment heads which combine 4 differents technologies :

• Infrared (IR) which heats the tissues to a depth of up to 4 mm
• Bipolar radiofrequency (RF) energy heats the tissues to a depth of 2 to 20 mm
• Pulsed suction resulting in increased blood flow and making it possible for the heating effect to reach specifically targeted depths
• Mechanical massage of the tissues, optimised by the roller, that ensures lymphatic drainage in both the dermis and hypodermis

The HTA’SHAPE BODY machine has 2 treatment heads which combine infrared and rediofrequency with mechanical rollers and a suction device to manipulate the upper layer of the fatty tissue where cellulite is formed.
The heat created by the infrared and radiofrequency causes the connective tissues to be heated at depth, activating the metabolism of this layer of fat and shrinks the fat cells.
The mechanical rollers and the suction device work on the blood vessels to locally stimulate blood flow, while massaging the skin to obtain smoother skin and erease cellulite.

In addition to smoothing out cellulite and reshaping the skin’s surface, HTA’SHAPEBODY also stimulates blood flow, thus contributing to the improvement in appearance of the zones being treated. Yhe result is visible due to less localised skin slackening and skin that is more toned.


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