HTA Perfect – Cavitation and radiofrequency – Localised slimming

Reduces cellulite and volume through deep and targeted action.Appareil-HTA-Perfect

Multi-function device : Cavitation/Radiofrequency
CAVITATION for body treatments, volume loss and cellulite, RADIOFREQUENCY for a firming effect.

• Several treatment heads: bipolar
neck and décolleté and hexapolar
• Skin slackening treatment and PREVENTION OF stretch MARKS
• Immediate results
• Action on collagen and elastin

The low frequency ultrasound waves generated by the treatment head create a cavitation effect to weaken the membrane of the fatty cells, thus releasing the glycerol. The residues and emulsified fats are then eliminated by the body’s immune system and metabolic activity.
This targeted slimming treatment is mainly used around the waist, thighs and arms.

This multi-function face and body device also combines radiofrequency to heat the tissues deep down by emitting electric currents at very high frequency.
These electric currents tighten the existing collagen fibres, creating new collagen to improve skin firmness and reduce slackening.

Non-invasive and effective technology against localized cellulite and sagging skin.

Results from the first sessions: Loss of centimetres and firmer skin
Results are visible from the very first session. Radiofrequency firms the skin reduces slackening and acts upon the visible signs of ageing.
The immediate effects of lipocavition include loss of volume, treatment of cellulite, reduced orange peel effect and improved skin quality (results you can see and feel).

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