HTA Expert 4 in 1

Appareil électrostimulation professionnel HTA EXPERT +

New body treatment technology. Hands-free device.

Body treatment : 22 programms:

  • Weight loss
  • Firmness
  • Drainage
  • Morphological analysis
  • Overall volume
  • Localized remodeling
  • Toning
  • Water retention …

HTA EXPERT 4 in 1 is a revolutionary technology that will the target the zones to be treated.

The device uses 16 pads enabling total coverage of the treatment areas (22 programs), and combines 4 technologies in 1:
• Unfocussed ultrasound to destroy the fat deep down
• Electrolipolysis to work on the fat
• Electrostimulation to redefine the silhouette
• Lymphatic drainage)

This equipment is recognised for its effectiveness on unsightly cellulite and localised fat.

Ultrasounds work by combining thermal and micromechanical effects which lead to the disintegration of the cellulite. The treatment is painless.

Electric stimulation acts on the body using deep impulses to improve oxygenation and tissue regeneration. An efficient and personalised aesthetic protocol.

SHAPE and REDUCE in a non-invasive and pleasant way thanks to electrodes or pads specific to ultrasounds and electrostimulation.
LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE and RESHAPING for general well-being.
TONE through deep yet delicate action on the all the muscles tissues.

Proven results
The results of the 4 in 1 system are visible from the very first session: loss of centimetres, targeted firmness, reduced orange peel effect and fatty deposits and elimination of fat via drainage.
The latest 100% MAG report on French TV channel M6 claims losses of 3cm and the judicial officer’s report indicates a total loss of 4 to 8cm over thighs and belly, i.e. an average of 2cm per area in just 40 minutes.

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