HTA’CRYO 4 PLUS – Cryo – Localised loss of volume – 2 or 3 areas

Appareil cryo esthétique professionnel HTA CRYO 4 PLUS

• Cryo system for 2 or 3 areas simultaneously
• 4 simultaneous hand pieces
• Possible thermal shock (hot/cold) to warm tissues
• Integrated LED for more comfort

2 or 3 areas cryo system

HTA’CRYO 4 PLUS is a cryolipolysis hands free device that allows to treat 3 zones at the same time thanks to these 4 applicators that work simultaneously what you ensures greater profitability and saves time.

There are several sizes of applicators available to target the different areas to be treated such as double chin with a specific handpiece or abdomen with a big size.

HTA’CRYO 4 PLUS activate a natural lipolysis effect. The adipose tissue is first warmed up and then cooled down to create a thermal shock that causes crystallization of stored fat in the cells which will induce a reduce body fat and
reshape contours of the silhouette. The action of the cold generates lasting results from 30 days with loss of centimeter, a visible reduction of cellulite and an improvement of the tone of the skin.

A secure pressure system

The pressure control system, can be adjusted either on the touch screen of the device or directly the screen of the handpiece. This system makes it possible to obtain perform results safely for the tissues.

– Possibility of using 4 simultaneous applicators for treat 3 zones at the same time.
– Multiple sizes to treat all areas, including a for double chin
– Integrated LED for more comfort
– Thermal shock possible to warm the tissues
– Automatic pressure adjustment – Self cleaning system.