HTA’LASER 808 – Hair removal


• Laser diode 808 nm
• Permanent hair removal
• Rapid treatment
• Phototypes I to V

Laser diode 808 nm for permanent hair removal

HTA’LASER 808 ensures:

• Painless care thanks to its integrated cooling system
• And ultra-fast treatment of zones being treated. Treatment time is halved!

The medical principle that is the aim of diode laser hair removal involves the absorption of light at 808 nm which will be specifically attracted by melanin (chromophore) and concentrates there. This concentration provokes a rise in the temperature of the whole follicle. This temperature increase spreads to the base of the hair follicle and destroys the bulge as well as the dermal papilla. The follicle, once deprived of its vascularisation and the germ cells, becomes unable to produce hairs: hair removal is definitive.

This new technology is effective on all the phototypes from 1 to 5 and can therefore be used all year round, even on tanned skin.

Technical characteristics :

Dimensions (cm)59 x 59 x 146 cm
Weight52 Kg
Power supplyAC 220V / 50HZ; AC 110V / 60HZ
Wave length808 nm
Power1500 W
Surface area hand piece12 x 12 mm2 (1,44 cm²)
Frequency0.5 Hz to 10 Hz
Fluence2-120 J / cm2 adjustable
Length of flash8 ms to Max 720 ms
CoolingDistilled water + air + semiconductor
Temperature of the probe0~30C
ScreenColour touch screen 10.4”
ComplianceDirective EMC 2004/108/EC and LVD 2006/95/EC