HTA Pulse

Latest generation pulsed light multi-function system: permanent hair removal and photorejuvenation

• Rapid, long-lasting results
• Powerful, fast and efficient device for optimal results
• Possibility of use for medical treatments, depending on the model and national regulation : acne, treatment of vascular lesions and pigmented lesions.


The High Tech Aesthetic technology represents the newest and most advanced technology for removing unwanted hair by selective intense pulsed light photothermolysis, or “pulsed light” that is emitted using a flashgun using a highly advanced technological device. The technique is non-invasive and ensures the long lasting removal of unwanted hair in a safe and pain-free manner.


Selective photothermolysis

This pulsed light system for the face and body enables various applications by using filters to allow different ranges of wavelength depending on the target chromophore. The phenomenon used is “selective photothermolysis”.


Hair removal

The light is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hair during the anagen growth phase, and is delivered to the root of the hair. This light turns into heat and the thermal effect destroys the hair germination cells that cause hair regrowth without causing any side effects. This non-invasive technology enables more than 80% non-regrowth of the hair after the third session.


Lasting results in 10 session

• No side effects
• All skin (dark, light)
• All hair (blonde, black, red)
• Visible from the 1st session
• Comfortable and fast
• Effective at low cost

All zones

Underarms, bikini, arms, legs, ½ legs, lips, chin, back, beard, chest, nose and ear.


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