HTA’PULSE SHR – IPL – Intense Pulsed Light System – 2 handpieces

Multifunctional pulsed light system: NEW 2 MODES

2 treatment modes: Multi-pulsed and SHR by scanning,
Quick care thanks to SHR mode by scanning,
Visible and lasting results thanks to the power of the system,
The cost of the flash is controlled for better profitability.

HTA has selected the latest innovation in terms of PULSED LIGHT system for permanent hair removal and photo-rejuvenation combining 2 treatment modes :

A multi-pulsed mode
One SHR mode per scan

How pulsed light works

This pulsed light system for body and face allows several applications by the use of filtrations which allow different wavelength ranges between 400 and 1200 nanometers depending on the target chromophore. The phenomenon used is “selective photothermolysis“. Pulsed light emits light radiation, in the form of light flashes which will be transformed into heat.

For permanent hair removal

The light is absorbed by the melanin contained in the hairs in the growth phase of the anagen type, to be conveyed to the root of the hair. This light turns into heat and this thermal effect destroys the hair germ cells responsible for hair regrowth without side effects. This non-invasive technology allows non-regrowth of the treated hair, but new dormant, dormant hair may appear following hormonal disturbances, for example (pregnancy, menopause, etc.). It takes 8 to 12 sessions at intervals of 4 to 8 weeks depending on the area.

All zones

Armpits, bikini, arms, legs, ½ legs, lips, chin, back, beard and chest.

HTA’PULSE SHR technological innovation

With HTA’PULSE SHR you have the choice between the handpiece with the MULTI PULSE mode for precise flash-to-flash processing in “small areas”. And the handpiece with SHR mode by scanning for “large areas”. The SHR on moove mode thanks to a gradual rise in temperature in the hair will lead to faster and more comfortable care for the client. The cost of the flash is controlled for better profitability.

The combination of these 2 handpieces allows you to benefit from the most complete and efficient device on the market.

You benefit with the HTA’PULSE SHR device :

fast care thanks to SHR mode by scanning,
comfortable sessions thanks to the water cooling system,
visible and lasting results thanks to the power of the system,
flash cost, one of the cheapest on the market,
• a multifunction device with 2 activities for your center: hair removal and photo-rejuvenation.