LED mask

MASQUELEDFacial beauty equipment

• Anti-ageing
• Hands-free treatment
• Alone or simultaneously with a beauty and/or slimming treatment

Technologies used:
• Photobiomodulation
• Photobiodynamic
• Pphotoporation

The photobiomodulation technology stimulates the cells and acts as an anti-ageing treatment. Photobiomodulation is athermic, painless and can be used on any phototype.

• 4 facial techniques in a single device
• Lifting effect from the very first session
• Hands free with separate LED mask

Application of a LED mask which activates cell renewal and production of collagen.

Visible results

The separate LED mask enables cell renewal, stimulates collagen production, improves and firms the texture of the skin and reduces wrinkles. The skin is tighter, more flexible and the complexion immediately looks younger and healthier.
The LED mask (a separate element of the machine HTA Lift) can be used in another cabin.

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