• Non-invasive treatment for a lifting effect
• Safe and long lasting results
• All skin types
• 3 depths of treatment

The latest innovations for a non-invasive lifting effect

A genuine revolution, HTA’ULTRAFACE uses a new technique – High-Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) – which ensures an effective in-depth treatment for skin slackening.

This technique is safe and effective, non-invasive and does not require surgery, or any social exclusion. This new technique uses ultrasonic energy, which, via the hand piece and transducer, will concentrate 10 focused ultrasound beams repeatedly along a line. They will produce minuscule coagulation points producing visible skin retraction that is immediately visible resulting in tautness in the deep tissue (muscles, fascia) and upper layers (facial skin), like a mini-facelift. This will also then result in rejuvenation by reproducing new collagen (synthesis of neo-collagen) thanks to an increase in the dermis.

There are three different depths of action: 1.5 mm (epidermis), 3mm (deep dermis) and 4.5mm (muscles) 

Visible and long-lasting results

This technique will target the deepest layers under the skin, which results a real lifting effect without surgery, notably on the neck, facial contours and in the eye contour area.