• Mono and bipolar radiofrequency
• Immediate firming effect
• Several treatment heads

Effective radiofrequency device for the face

This device works by emitting electromagnetic waves at very high frequency which pass through the skin and produce heat in the subcutaneous tissue.

Systems based on radiofrequency are now able to tighten the skin fibres by using controlled warming of the dermis which is painless and which presents no risk of burning. It is also this progressive warming which activates the creation of new collagen at the same time for a long-lasting effect. HTA’NEW LIFT uses mono and bipolar radiofrequency.

Monopolar radiofrequency uses its thermal action to work deep down and reaches the subcutaneous tissues resulting in a real firming effect.

The bipolar radiofrequency head was introduced in order to provide a more comfortable and safe treatment: the energy diffused is in fact recuperated by a second electrode.

For visible results

HTA’NEW LIFT can treat moderate skin slackening of the face for a firming effect that is visible at the first session. Radiofrequency is particularly recommended to tighten the skin around facial contours, to treat sagging skin that can lead to the unsightly jowls.

Effective and non-invasive technology against skin slackening

Technical characteristics

Dimensions56 x 43 x 27 cm
Weight5 kg
Power supply100-110V 220-240V
Frequency50 HZ
ComplianceDirective LVD 2014/35/EU