HTA Perfect – Radiofrequency


Radiofrequency device
RADIOFREQUENCY for a firming effect.

• Several treatment heads: bipolar to treat the face, tripolar for the neck and décolleté and hexapolar for the body
• Skin slackening treatment
• Immediate results
• Action on collagen and elast

Radiofrequency is the most efficient technique for a face-lift effect without surgery.
Bipolar or tripolar, radiofrequency is the ideal anti-ageing facial treatment.

The radiofrequency device works by heating the tissues deep down by emitting electrical currents at very high frequency. This uses thermal energy that is directed into the subcutaneous layer. The electrical currents tighten the existing collagen fibres, thus producing new collagen which will improve firmness and reduce skin slackening.

Non-invasive and effective technology against skin slackening.

Results from the first sessions: Loss of centimetres and firmer skin
Results are visible from the very first session. Radiofrequency firms the skin, reduces slackening and acts upon the visible signs of ageing.

– Restructure the deep layers of the skin
– Improvement of tissue firmness : more supple and toned skin
– Immediate firming effect
– Internal rejuvenation

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