HTA Lift

Exclusive combination of 4 lifting and anti-ageing technologies

• ultrasound peeling
• capacitive radiofrequency
• electroporation (modulated current)
• LED photobiomodulation mask
HTA-LIFTThe technologies used are: ultrasound, pulsated direct current (electroporation) and radiofrequency and LED mask ensuring:

• deep cleansing
• enhanced absorption of active principles
• gentle massage
• revitalisation
• intense biostimulation of cellular metabolic activity
• anti-ageing effect
• improved tone

Thanks to a combined effect, this device fights against the most common skin defects and improves natural elasticity and well-being.

Ultrasound peeling for face and body

The exfoliating effect of the spatula eliminates all the toxins and dead cells that accumulate on the top layer of the skin. The ultrasounds produce a thermal effect on the tissue and speed up the metabolism of fibroblasts which are the main producers of new collagen. The action of the ultrasounds ensure deep and gentle cleansing through skin massage, they boost the vascular system and improve lymphatic drainage in the zone being treated.

Radiofrequency for the face

HTA Lift fights skin slackening by stimulating the deepest layers of the epidermis. Capacitive radiofrequency, the endogenous development of heat, revitalises the sub-cutaneous collagen efficiently without damaging the top layer. It helps prevent skin slackening and reduces wrinkles for a long lasting effect.


Electrophoresis allows the active principles specifically formulated for skin rejuvenation to penetrate the skin barrier and so improve the effects. The emission of a direct current supplied through electrodes that are in contact with the body act on the electrical load of ions going from one pole to the other. Consequently, the active principles are able to penetrate the skin more deeply and easily.

This technology is unique on the beauty treatment market. This method is biocompatible and induces small reversible structural changes to the stratum corneum which allows the active principles found in cosmetics to be absorbed.

LED Mask

Photobiomodulation is a technique that stimulates the cells and is used in photo-ageing treatments. Photobiomodulation is athermic, painless and can be adapted to any phototype.

The benefits

– Increased cellular turnover in the epidermis;
– Increased production of collagen by the fibroblasts;
– Improved skin tissue;
– Reduction of fine wrinkles;
– Adjuvant treatment of unsightly cellulite.
Resulting in more toned and elastic skin for a youthful and glowing complexion in just a few sessions: smoother oxygenated skin.

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