The company HTA

HTA proposes :
• an offer suited to your budget
• 33 years of experience
• professional advice
• quality after sales service

Excellence in the service of beauty professionals

Founded on the Group’s 33 years’ experience in various areas of the beauty sector, HTA proposes a full range of innovative technologies for a growing market segment.
HTA supplies many centres and networks in France and abroad. It is present in several hundred centres, in around twenty countries.
HTA proposes a full range of exclusive and innovative technologies for all sectors of the beauty business and to avoid all seasonal affects: slimming, localized loss of volume, anti-ageing, permanent hair removal, acne, pigmented and vascular lesions.
A diversified offer to suit your budget, with high quality after sales service.
OEM service is also available on request.

HTA has approval to carry out specific training thus ensuring optimal use of your equipment. You will be operational immediately and have all the professional information necessary. Training on beauty devices and demonstrations at our pilot centre.

Our team would be happy to help you with any other requests you may have.